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About The Program 

The Christian Debutante Promenade & Cotillion is a program designed for special young ladies ages 4 years old-12th grade. Since its inception, the program has grown into one of the largest Cotillions in the state of Arkansas.

Participation in the Christian Debutante involves an array of beautiful experiences that young ladies will never forget, culminating in a breath-taking Grand Promenade and Cotillion in which all participants are introduced and awarded in front of hundreds of family and friends.

The Christian Debutante Promenade and Cotillion's focus is to promote Christian Education for girls, as well as to showcase their talents, while celebrating WHO we are and WHOSE we are. We wish to enlighten our community's youth concerning the importance of the times in which we live. We believe that is time for our young ladies to stand up and boldy walk into their destinies. We embrace this belief by serving as instruments of faith, fortitude, and integrity.

We are quite confient that we can make an impact on her life as well as leave an imprint on her heart. We will encourage, polish, and stimulate your childs personal purpose, by teaching the essence of what makes women great. For many young ladies this is truly the WHITE DRESS EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME!

Miss Christian Debutante 2016-2017

Miss Ty'Tiana Hayes

Miss Jr. Christian Debutante 

Miss Maliyah Graydon

Little Miss Christian Debutante 

E'Layah Jones

Miss Christian Debutante 2015-16

Miss Chandler Wilson


Miss Jr. Christian Debutante 15-16

Miss Erin Westmoreland


Little Miss Christian Debutante 15-16

Taylor Barton 

Miss Christian Debutante 2014-15 

Miss Malia Green


Miss Jr. Christian Debutante 14-15

Miss Jamauria Lambert


Little Miss Christian Debutante Angel

Miss Jameah Sanders  

Miss Christian Debutante 2013-14
Miss Eriya D. Hobbs
Miss Jr. Christian Debutante 13-14
Miss Nia Hall
Little Miss Christian Debutante Angel 13-14 
 Kennadi Sanders and Keaundra Wilkins
Miss Christian Debutante 2012-2013
Miss Shaquoia Lewis
Miss Jr. Christian Debutante 12-13
Miss Kyler L. Smith
Little Miss Christian Debutante Angel 12-13
 Elysia Singleton
Miss Christian Debutante 2011-2012
Miss Jasmine B. Armour
Miss Jr. Christian Debutante 11-12
Brianna S. Boston
Little Miss Christian Debutante Angel 11-12
Anissa Lusk and Trinity Haynes
Miss Christian Debutante 2010-11
Keisha Y. Noble
Miss Jr. Christian Debutante 10-11
Le'Precious Russell
Lil' Miss Christian Debutante Angel 10-11
Kaliyah Grady
Miss Christian Debutante 2009-2010
Maresha C. Lang
Miss Jr. Christian Debutante 09-10
Jasmine A. Stith & Ja'Lisa M. Stith
Lil' Miss Christian Debutante Angel 09-10
Erika L. Jackson
Miss Christian Debutante 08-09
Miss Shundreka L. Carroll
                      Miss Jr. Christian Debutante 08-09                     

Jazmine Gulley


Must be enrolled in Pre-K-5th grades in order to enroll in the Christian Debutante Angels Academy 

Must be enrolled in the 6-8th grades in order to enroll in the Jr. Christian Debutante Academy

Must be enrolled in the 9-12th grades in order to enroll in the Christian Debutante Academy

Must not be pregnant or have parented a child

Must not be married or previously married

Must be an exemplary citizen

Past Activities

Mother Daughter Tea & Talent

Church Worship

Women's Bible Study

'Pretty Holy' Everything a Christian Girl Should Know

Crowns and Gowns

Coke Sip With The Queens

Image Is Everything

UAPB Homecoming

Entry Fees

The Christian Debutante Promenade and Cotillion is one of the most affordable youth programs around. Due to our many sponsors and partnerships with local businesses, we are able to keep our costs relatively low. The fees for one year of participation are listed below:

Christian Debutante Academy $80.00

Jr. Christian Debutante Academy $80.00

Angels Academy $80.00

We oftentimes have parents who wish to enroll more than one child in our program. To that we say, THE MORE THE MERRIER! Thus, we have created a few formulas and registration discounts to accommodate these special registrants. They are as follows:

1 Angels Academy Registration + 1 Christian Debutante/Jr. Debutante Registration= $140 ($20 Discount)

 2 Angels Academy Registrations= $130 ($30 discount)

1 Angels Academy Registration + 2 Christian Debutante/Jr. Christian Debutante Registrations= $180.00 ($60 Discount)

2 Angels Academy Registrations + 1 Christian Debutante/Jr. Debutante Registration= $180.00 ($60 Discount)

3 Angels Academy Registrations= $180 ($60 Discount)

2 Christian Debutante/Jr. Debutante Registrations = $140.00 ($20 Discount)

 Program Awards and Recognitions

Pine Bluff Rodeo Parade 1st Place Float entry winners 2011 

Pine Bluff Rodeo Parade 3rd Place Float entry winners 2010

Pine Bluff Rodeo Parade 2nd Place youth entry winners 2009

Featured in the Pine Bluff Commercial Newspaper

Featured in the American Banner Newspaper

Director honored by the city of Pine Bluff, Arkansas for Christian Debutante work 

If you are interested in obtaining more information on the Christian Debutante Promenade and Cotillion, please feel free to contact us at 870-872-2965! Take a peek at how much fun we have under the photos tab of this website!


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